Histochemical Structure of Stomach (Proventriculus and Gizzard) in Some Bird Species

Emel DEMİRBAĞ, Kenan ÇINAR, Mehmet Ali TABUR, Reşat Nuri AŞTI
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Stomach samples (proventriculus and gizzard) of sparrow hawk (Accipiter nisus), crow (Corvus corone) and sparrow (Passer domesticus) were investigated in this study. In histochemical investigations, strong sulfated mucins were not determined in compound glands of proventriculus, but a little reaction to AB (pH 0.5) in compound glands was observed in proventriculus of sparrow hawk and crow. While weak AB (pH 1.0) (+) character was found in sparrow gizzard, it was found as dense in superficial glands of sparrow hawk. However, it was not observed in crow gizzard. While AF (+) character (sulfated mucins) was detected as dense in epithelium and as weak in glands of gizzard of sparrow hawk, this character was not observed in glands of gizzards of crow and sparrow. Any reactivity to Periodic Acid-Shiff (PAS) staining was not observed in both epithelium and glands of sparrow proventriculus.

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