Diaphragm Effect of Steel Space Roof Systems in Hall Structures

Mehmet FENKLİ, Nuretttin Alpay KIMILLI, İlyas Devran ÇELİK, Mustafa SİVRİ, Zeki AY
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Hall structures have been used widely for different purposes. They have are reinforced concrete frames and shear wall with steel space roof systems. Earthquake response of hall structures is different from building type structures. One of the most critical points is diaphragm effect of steel space roof on earthquake response of hall structures. Diaphragm effect is depending on lateral stiffness capacity of steel space roof system. Lateral stiffness of steel space roof system is related to modulation geometry, support conditions, selected sections and system geometry. In current paper, three representative models which are commonly used in Turkey were taken in to account for investigation. Results of numerical tests were present comparatively.

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Diaphragm effect, steel space roof systems, hall structures

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