Measurements of Proton Energy Spectra Generated by Ultra Intense Laser Solid Interactions

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In this study, we have presented proton energy spectra produced by such high irradiance ($\mathrm{10^{20} \ W/cm^{2}}$) lasers interacting with a pre formed plasma in front of the target and with solid targets without a pre formed plasma. The effects of the target thickness and the generated plasma on the maximum  energy and proton numbers are assessed. It is observed that experimentally measured  maximum proton energy and number of protons have a dependence on target thickness and preformed plasma scale length produced by prepulse laser with the irradiance of $\sim 10^{12}$ W/$\mathrm{cm^{2}}$. 2D EPOCH PIC code simulation results of the energy spectra of protons are in a good agreement with measured experimental results.

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Proton generation; Lazer solid interactions; High power lasers

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