A New Lichenicolous Fungus Record From The Turkey, Tremella macrobasidiata (Basidiomycota, Tremellales)

Mustafa KOCAKAYA, Zekiye KOCAKAYA, Duygu KAYA, Mehmet Ünsal BARAK
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Despite the recent increase in studies on lichenicolous fungi in Turkey, there is still no checklist. A key to lichenicolous fungus prepared by Halıcı (2008) were published 118 taxa from the Turkey. So far, the numbers of lichenicol fungi known in Turkey is 193. Generally, lichenicol Ascomycota and mitosporic fungi records are reported, whereas lichenicol Basidiomycota recording is rare. Tremella macrobasidiata is reported on Lecanora chlarotera from Turkey for the first time. The morphological, anatomical and ecological characteristics of the species are given. In addition, a phylogenetic tree was constructed by comparing the sequence data of the ITS region of closely related species.

Anahtar kelimeler

Basidiomycota; Tremellales; Tremella; Lichenicolous fungus; nrITS

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19113/sdufbed.36932


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