Experimental Investigation of Gamma Radiation Attenuation Coefficients for Kırklareli Marble

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The total linear and mass attenuation coefficients, half-value and tenth-value thickness of marble samples from Kırklareli Province have been investigated using different gamma ray energies. Three different gamma ray energies one at 661.7 keV from Cs-137 and others at 1173.2 and at 1332.5 keV from Co-60 have been used. The measurements were carried out using a gamma spectrometer containing a NaI(Tl) sintilation detector. Comparison between the results from measurements and from computer code of XCOM has also been performed with the results available in literature. The measurement results obtained from marble disks and tablets of limestone powder were also matched.

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Kırklareli marble; Gamma radiation; Total linear attenuation coeffients; NaI(Tl)

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19113/sdufbed.22241


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