A Study on the Gamma-Ray Attenuation Coefficients of Al2O3 and Al2O3.TiO2 Compounds

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In this study, micro and nanometers-sized powders of Al2O3 and Al2O3.TiO2 were prepared using a hydraulic cold press and their gamma-radiation shielding properties were assessed at photon energies of 661.7, 1173.2 and 1332.5 keV. A sample counting process was implemented using a gamma-ray spectrometer with a 3×3 NaI (Tl) detector and 13384-channel multichannel analyser. The results we obtained indicated that the gamma-shielding properties of the materials increased with TiO2 addition and also, the particle size found to be an important effect on the properties. The results were compared with each other and also compared with the results of similar studies reported in literature.

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Gamma ray attenuation coefficients; Al2O3; Al2O3.TiO2; NaI (Tl) detector

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