Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

SDU International Journal of Educational Studies (SDU IJES) is published biannual as an international scholarly, peer-reviewed online journal. In this journal, research articles which reflect the survey with the results and translations that can be considered as a high scientific quality, scientific observation and review articles are published. Teachers, students and scientists who conduct research to the field (e.g. articles on pure sciences or social sciences, mathematics and technology) and in relevant sections of field education (e.g. articles on science education, social science education, mathematics education and technology education) in the education faculties are target group. In this journal, the target group can benefit from qualified scientific studies are published. The publication languages are English and Turkish. Articles submitted the journal should not have been published anywhere else or submitted for publication. Authors have undertaken full responsibility of article's content and consequences. SDU International Journal of Educational Studies has all of the copyrights of articles submitted to be published.


Section Policies

From Editor

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Peer Review Process

SDU IJES has a two stage review process. The first stage is an initial review by one of the editors, resulting in either a decision to send to two members of SDU IJES's review panel having appropriate experience, expertise and interests, or an editorial rejection. SDU IJES uses a 'double blind' review process. That is, reviewers are not given the names and institutional affiliations of the authors, and authors are not given the names of the reviewers assigned to their article. It is therefore essential that authors remove all identifying information from their papers in the first instance. This includes removing references in the text that would enable reviewers to identify authors e.g references to authors previously published works. Names, instiutional affiliations and references can be added if the paper is accepted for publication.

Reviewers will assess the article against the following criteria:

1. Contribution to advancing knowledge of education area.

2. Quality of critical engagement with relevant literature (literature review and discussion)

3. Clarity of research and/or development goals

4. Clarity and justification of appropriate methodology

5. Quality of empirical data, analysis, presentation and interpretation of results

6. Inclusion of appropriate implications for further research, theory, practice and/or policy.

7. Quality of writing (including structure, writing style, clarity of expression) and adherence to SDU IJES formatting and referencing conventions.

Notifications of acceptances are in most cases accompanied by advice specifying revisions which may range in character from necessary for publication to optional suggestions for improving the article. In some cases alterations to figures and diagrams may be requested for purposes of facilitating production of a PDF for publication.


Publication Frequency

SDU IJES is published 2 times a year. We do not have specific closing dates for submissions, as each issue of SDU IJES is prepared for website mounting when filled with accepted articles.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


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