Relation of Root Tensile Strenght to Vertical Root-Pull Resistance and Some Agronomical Characteristics in Maize

Emin GÜZEL, Ahmet Can ÜLGER, Ahmet İNCE, Bülent ÇAKIR, İbrahim AKINCI, Muzaffer TEZEL, Celal YÜCEL
339 75


Examining of root system of maize is quite difficult and it takes a lot of time under field conditions. Because of this, the study abcıut maize reformation on root properties are not enough. Using the new method to determine root magnitude is an important subject for maize breeders in recent years. The value of root pulling resistance that is measured by using computer aided machines, can give some information about root system of plant. In this study, an important variation was obtained between 15 hybrid maize varieties due to the rcıot pulling resistance. The root pulling resistance of genotypes changes between 835.4 and 1723.9 N/per plant. It was obtained that there are no significantcorrelation coefficients between root pulling resistance with plant height, first ear height, stem diameter and ear weight per plant.


Turk. J. Agric. For., 23, (1999), 33-42. Full text: pdf Other articles published in the same issue: Turk. J. Agric. For.,vol.23,iss.EK1.

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