Year: 2012 Volume: 36 Issue: 5

Table of Contents


Optimizing water and nitrogen use for maize production under semiarid conditions PDF
Hafiz Mohkum HAMMAD, Ashfaq AHMAD, Farhat ABBAS, Wajid FARHAD
Use of discriminant analysis for selection of hybrid maize parent lines PDF
Ahmet ÖZ
Root length, root mass, and distribution of dry matter in different parts of Thompson Seedless grapevine grafted on different rootstocks in heavy soil of Maharashtra PDF
Ramhari G. SOMKUWAR, Pravin B. TAWARE, Devanand D. BONDAGE, Supriya NAVALE
Irrigation intervals affect physicochemical quality attributes and skin cracking in litchi fruit PDF
Abdur RAB
Combined treatment of modified atmosphere packaging and 1-methylcyclopropene improves postharvest quality of Japanese plums PDF
Mustafa ERKAN, Hakan ESKİ
Research on antifungal and inhibitory effects of DL-limonene on some yeasts PDF
Mustafa Ümit ÜNAL, Filiz UÇAN, Aysun ŞENER, Sadık DİNÇER
Investigating sampling accuracy to estimate sediment concentrations in erosion plot tanks PDF
Comparison of harvester and motor-manual logging in intermediate cuttings of deciduous stands PDF
Correlation between the protein content and mechanical properties of wheat PDF
Mehmet BAŞLAR, Fatih KALKAN, Mazhar KARA, Mustafa Fatih ERTUGAY
Determination of the bread-making quality of flours using an automatic bread machine PDF
İsmail Sait DOĞAN, Önder YILDIZ, Burhan TAŞAN
Morphological and physiological differences between bareroot and container Juniperus excelsa seedlings PDF
Black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) standing volume in the riparian forests of the Czech Republic PDF
Lubomir SALEK, Daniel ZAHRADNIK, Lubomir TIPMANN, Robert MARUSAK
Load-carrying capacity of mitered furniture corner joints with dovetail keys under diagonal tension load PDF
Sadegh MALEKI, Mohammad DERIKVAND, Mosayeb DALVAND, Ghanbar EBRAHIMI

ISSN: 1303-6173