Rheology of Polyaniline Dispersions in Acrylic Resin

Nicoleta PLESU, Smaranda LIESCU, Gheorghe ILIA
365 70


Acrylic dispersions based on polyaniline were obtained and characterised. The polyaniline was obtained by chemical polymerisation of aniline in different organic acid containing phosphorous, in the presence of ammonium-peroxidisulphate as oxidant agent. The blends were obtained by mechanical dispersion of polyaniline in commercially available acrylic resin. The flow behaviour of these dispersions at different shear rates was studied. Furthermore, the resulting acrylic dispersions were analysed by IR spectroscopy, and were characterised in terms of their electrical resistance and rheological behaviour


Turk. J. Chem., 30, (2006), 155-163. Full text: pdf Other articles published in the same issue: Turk. J. Chem.,vol.30,iss.2.

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