Year: 2012 Volume: 20 Issue: 4

Table of Contents


Reconfigurable antenna structure for RFID system applications using varactor-loading technique PDF
Yusuf SEVİNÇ, Adnan KAYA
Research on cutoff wavelength of dominant mode and field patterns in trapezoidal microshield lines PDF
Hai SUN, Yujiang WU
A novel three-phase transformer hysteresis model in MATLABTM Simulink PDF
Okan ÖZGÖNENEL, Kamil Rıfat İrfan GÜNEY, Ömer USTA, Hasan DİRİK
Improved square properties of IDEA PDF
Mete AKGÜN, Hüseyin DEMİRCİ, Mahmut Şamil SAĞIROĞLU
Effects of routing algorithms on novel throughput improvement of mobile ad hoc networks PDF
Barbaros PREVEZE, Aysel ŞAFAK
Application of asymmetrical periodic signals as test vectors for analog fault detection: a novel perspective of classical concepts PDF
Badar-ud-din AHMED, Wang YOUREN, Najam-ud-din AHMED
Automatic tracking system for weather satellite image reception PDF
Wassila Leïla RAHAL, Noureddine BENABADJI, Ahmed Hafid BELBACHIR
Voltage- and current-controlled high CMRR instrumentation amplifier using CMOS current conveyors PDF
Hamdi ERCAN, Sezai Alper TEKİN, Mustafa ALÇI
Trellis-based optimization of layer extraction for rate adaptation in real-time scalable stereo video coding PDF
Nükhet ÖZBEK
Simulated annealing algorithm-based Elman network for dynamic system identification PDF
Low-complexity channel estimation for OFDM systems in high-mobility fading channels PDF
Mahmut YALÇIN, Aydın AKAN, Hakan DOĞAN
Fast software multiplication in F2[x] for embedded processors PDF
Serdar Süer ERDEM
A new formulation method for solving kinematic problems of multiarm robot systems using quaternion algebra in the screw theory framework PDF
HealthFace: A web-based remote monitoring interface for medical healthcare systems based on a wireless body area sensor network PDF

ISSN: 1303-6203