Incidence of maternal vitamin D deficiency in a region of Ankara, Turkey: a preliminary study

Gökçe GÜR, Ayhan ABACI, Adem Yasin KÖKSOY, Ahmet ANIK, Gönül ÇATLI
821 211


To evaluate vitamin D levels and risk factors for vitamin D deficiency in healthy newborns and their mothers. Materials and methods: Ninety-nine healthy pregnant women (≥37 weeks of gestation) were enrolled in the study. Previous history of pregnancies and births, nutritional status, multivitamin supplementation, educational status, type of clothing, and the economic level of the family were recorded. Blood samples were drawn from the mothers and the umbilical cord of the newborns to measure serum 25(OH)D3, calcium, phosphorus, and parathormone levels. Results: While vitamin D insufficiency was identified as 62.6% in mothers, it was 58.6% in newborns; on the other hand, the incidence of vitamin D deficiency was 18.2% and 15.2% in mothers and newborns, respectively. Maternal serum 25(OH)D3 concentrations were not significantly related to the number of pregnancies or births, type of clothing, or the nutritional, economical, or educational status of the family (P > 0.05). Conclusion: These findings suggest that despite a sunny environment, maternal vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency are still important health problems in a developed region of Turkey. Therefore, more effective vitamin D prophylaxis programs are required to prevent vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women and their offspring.


Key words: Vitamin D, pregnancy, newborn

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