Year: 2013 Volume: 37 Issue: 2

Table of Contents


Improved Hilbert moment thermal QCD sum rules for Bs meson and stability with respect to moment parameter PDF
Elşen VELİ, Gülşah KAYA, Arzu TÜRKAN, Enis YAZICI
Kantowski-Sachs cosmological model with wet dark fluid in the general theory of relativity PDF
Arun RAVISHANKAR, Bivudutta MISHRA, Pradyumn Kumar SAHOO
A fission model approach to alpha decay and cluster radioactivity of Dy, Er, and Yb isotopes PDF
Kizhakkath Kalam GIRIJA, Antony JOSEPH
The development of a novel technique to evaluate the CR-39 track response to alpha particles PDF
Khalil Ibrahim MOHAMMAD, Muzahim Ibrahim AZAWE
Analyses of elastically scattered charged pions from calcium isotopes and the 48Ca-54Fe isotone at 180 MeV PDF
Zuhair Fayyad Mahmoud SHEHADEH
Equilibrium shapes and deformations of some rare earth nuclei in cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky shell correction approach PDF
Antony JOSEPH, Kizhakkath Kalam GIRIJA
A different point of view: a continuous tracing of acid-base titration with fiber-optic sensor PDF
Şerafettin YALTKAYA, Esra KENDİR
Numerical experiments for determining laser-induced temperature fields PDF
Lyubomir Kostadinov LAZOV, Nikolay Angelov PETROV
Development and utilization of a retarding analyzer for field emission investigation of LaB6/W emitter PDF
Ahmed A. A. AL-TABBAKH, Mahendra A. MORE, Dilip S. JOAG
Effect of stepwise replacement of LiF by ZnO on structural and optical properties of LiF.B2O3 glasses PDF
Susheel ARORA, Virender KUNDU, Dev Raj GOYAL, Anup Singh MAAN
The effect of neutron irradiation on the properties of Tl0.6Pb0.3Cd0.1Ba2Ca2Cu3O9-delta superconductors PDF
Kareem Ali JASIM, Tariq Jaffar ALWAN, Khalid Hadi MAHDI
Best possible tilt angle for optimal solar radiation on an inclined surface for photovoltaic and solar thermal application in Yenagoa, Nigeria PDF
Kenneth Priye AINAH, John Tarilanyo AFA
Planar waveguide with left-handed material guiding film for refractometry applications PDF
Taher M. EL-AGEZ, Sofyan A. TAYA, Mohamed M. SHABAT, Hani M. KULLAB
Exact traveling wave solutions of the perturbed Klein--Gordon equation with quadratic nonlinearity in (1+1)-dimension, Part I: Without local inductance and dissipation effect PDF
Zai-yun ZHANG
Bound states and the oscillator strengths for the Klein-Gordon equation under Möbius square potential PDF

ISSN: 1303-6122