Year: 2012 Volume: 36 Issue: 2

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Symmetry and the order of events in time. The asymmetrical order of events in time in a reversible energy converter PDF
Symmetry and the order of events in time. A proposed identity of negative mass with antimatter PDF
Thermodynamics of liquid alkali metals using pseudopotential Perturbation scheme PDF
Jagendra Kamalsinh BARIA and Ashvinkumar JANI
Exactly solvable potentials from decemvirate power potential PDF
Nilamoni SAIKIA
The influence of confinements on the photon flux spectra in amorphous silicon quantum dots PDF
Moafak Cadim ABDULRIDA, Nidhal Moosa ABDUL-AMEER and
TE surface waves in dielectric slab sandwiched between LHM slabs PDF
Ass'ad I. ASS'AD and Hassan S. ASHOUR
Prediction of some mechanical and vibrational properties of GaX (X = P, As, Sb) semiconductor compounds PDF
Anil Ratilal JIVANI and Ashvinkumar Ramn JANI
Dynamics and noise of fiber-grating semiconductor lasers affected by the line-width enhancement factor PDF
Determination of barrier height temperature coefficient by Norde's method in ideal Co/n-GaAs Schottky contacts PDF
Abdulmecit TURUT
Structure and electrical properties of lanthanum doped Bi2Sr2Ca2-xLaxCu3O10+ d superconductor PDF
Kareem Ali JASSIM
Behavior of temperature dependence of permeability curves at different stages of crystallizations of nanocrystalline Fe70.5Cr3Cu1Nb3Si13.5B9 PDF
Saadni ISLAM, Kazi Hanium MARIA, Shamima CHOUDHURY
Effect of zinc incorporation on the density of defect states in a-Se85Te15 glassy alloy PDF
Shikha SHUKLA and Santosh KUMAR
A fresh look at thermal field emission from tungsten tip PDF
Ahmed Abdurrahman Ahmed AL-TABBAKH
The element contents in chickpeas grown under organic and conventional farming regimes using WDXRF analysis for human nutrition and health PDF
Uğur AKBABA, Yusuf ŞAHİN and Hasan TÜRKEZ
Estimation of radiological risk due to concentration of 238U, 226Ra, 232Th and 40K in soils of different geological origins in northern India PDF
Rohit MEHRA, Manmohan SINGH
Influence of AAM-LOD on the lower stratospheric Ozone transport over Lagos--Nigeria PDF
Bernadette C. ISIKWUE and Francisca N. OKEKE

ISSN: 1303-6122