Polymorphism of 5’ regulatory region of caprine FSHR gene and its association with litter size in Jining Grey goat

Xiaohong GUO, Yang LI, Mingxing CHU, Chunjing FENG, Ran DI, Qiuyue LIU, Tao FENG, Guiling CAO, Dongwei HUANG, Li FANG, Qianqian TANG, Yuehui MA, Kui LI
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms of the 5' regulatory region of the FSHR gene were detected in 3 goat breeds (Jining Grey, Boer, and Inner Mongolia Cashmere) by the polymerase chain reaction-single-strand conformation polymorphism method, and its effects on litter size in Jining Grey goats were also evaluated. Concerning primer P1, 2 genotypes (AA and BB) were detected in Boer goats, while only the AA genotype was identified in Jining Grey and Inner Mongolia Cashmere goats. Sequencing revealed a T->A transversion at the 26th position and an A->C transversion at the 61st position of the amplified region in genotype BB in comparison to genotype AA. Regarding primer P2, 3 genotypes (CC, CD, and DD) were identified in the 3 goat breeds mentioned above. Sequencing revealed a T->A transversion at the 70th position and a G->C transversion at the 130th position of the amplified region in genotype DD compared with CC. Does with genotype CC had 0.46 (P < 0.05) or 1.03 (P < 0.05) kids more than those with genotype CD or DD, respectively, while does with CD had 0.57 (P < 0.05) kids more than those with DD in Jining Grey goats. These results preliminarily showed that allele C of the FSHR gene was a potential marker for improving litter size in goats.


Key words: Goat, litter size, FSHR gene, polymerase chain reaction-single-strand conformation polymorphism

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