An Ectopic Case of Psoroptes cuniculi Infestation in a Pet Rabbit

Abuzer ACAR, Arif KURTDEDE, Kerem URAL, Cenker Çağrı CINGI
440 81


A 2-year-old female New Zealand rabbit was admitted to Ankara University Veterinary Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine. Upon physical examination crustaceous auricular lesions, and erythematous and exudative pruritic skin lesions, both on the ventral abdomen and on extremities were detected. Microscopic examination of skin scrapings taken from pinnae and hair plucked from the ventral abdominal region revealed the presence of Psoroptes cuniculi. The ventral abdominal localization of P. cuniculi was evaluated as an ectopic infestation. Despite the injection of ivermectin 400 µg/kg and daily supportive therapy the rabbit died on the fifth day of hospitalization.


Ectopic localization, Psoroptes cuniculi, rabbit

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