Use of Spermac® Staining Technique in the Determination of Acrosomal Defects in Cat Semen

Alper BARAN, B. Evrim ŞAHİN, Mithat EVECEN, Kamber DEMİR, İ. Kamuran İLERİ
504 148


The types and rates of acrosome and other (head, mid-piece and tail) abnormal spermatozoon types were determined by the Spermac® staining technique. Semen from 5 stray tom cats under the same management conditions was used. Semen collection was performed under general anesthesia by electro-ejaculator once a week for 5 weeks. After ejaculation the semen was diluted by 100 µl of 0.9% NaCl solution and stained with Spermac® stain for morphological evaluation. The morphological criteria were acrosome, other (head, mid-piece and tail) and total morphological defect rates, and were 9.20 ± 2.55%, 9.20 ± 3.49% and 18.40 ± 4.79%, respectively. It was concluded at the end of the study that the Spermac® staining technique could provide a detailed observation of cat spermatozoa, especially the acrosomal region, and could be employed in the determination of acrosomal defects.


Cat, spermatozoa, morphology, Spermac® stain, defect

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