The Presence and Prevalence of Listeria Species in Milk and Herby Cheese in and Around Van

Emrullah SAĞUN, Yakup Can SANCAK, Özgür İŞLEYİCİ, Kamil EKİCİ
407 125


In this study 250 raw milk and 254 herby cheese samples collected from Van city center and neighboring villages were investigated in terms of Listeria species. For Listeria isolation,the method recommended by the FDA was used.Of the raw milk samples,6 (2.40 %)were found to be positive with regard to Listeria; 3 (1.20 %)had L.monocytogenes, 1 (0.40 %)L.innocua and 1 (0.40 %)L.welshimeri. Of the herby cheese samples,13 (5.11 %)were found to be positive with regard to Listeria;10 (3.93 %)had L.monocytogenes, 1 (0.39 %)L.ivanovii,1 (0.39 %)L.innocua and 1 (0.39 %)L.welshimeri. For the serotype determination of 13 isolates defined as L.monocytogenes Difco Bacto O Antiserum Type 1, Type 4 and Type Poly were used. The results were as follows:6 isolates Type 1,2 isolates Type 4,3 isolates Type Poly. Two isolates was not typable.


Listeria spp.,L.monocytogenes,raw milk,herby cheese

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