Armina maculata Rafinesque, 1814 (Nudibranchia: Arminidae): a new record for the Turkish mollusc fauna

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A specimen of Armina maculata was collected on 10 July 2013 from İzmir Bay, north-eastern Aegean coast of Turkey. This short note represents a clear indication of the unique occurrence of an A. maculata in Turkish seas.


Key words: Armina maculata, new record, İzmir Bay, Aegean Sea, Turkey

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Although A. maculata is previously unknown in both İzmir Bay (north-eastern Aegean Sea) and Turkish seas, the occurrence of A. maculata in İzmir Bay was not unexpected, but it did not clearly indicate an established population. In conclusion, this short report contributes a new mollusc species to the Turkish marine fauna. Acknowledgements We are thankful to Dr Bilal Öztürk and Dr Baki Yokeş for their comments and identification of the species.