The land snail fauna of Mut District (Mersin Province, Turkey)

Ümit KEBAPÇI, Mehmet Zeki YILDIRIM, İskender GÜLLE, Mustafa ÖZTOP, Duygu Ceren ÇAĞLAN
557 106


The land snail fauna of the Mut District was surveyed during the spring (April-May) of 2008. A total of 31 species and subspecies-9 (29%) of them endemics-belonging to 26 genera and 14 families were determined from 41 localities. Dominant families were Enidae, Orculidae, and Hygromiidae. Humidity, vegetation, and habitat type were the determinants of species richness in the study area. Species composition, according to cluster and multivariate analyses, was also found to be affected by the altitude factor.


Key words: Gastropoda, endemism, Göksu River, Mut

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