The Role of Tourism in Turkic World in Terms of International Relations (IR): A Social Constructivist Approach

Samet Yüce
1.212 357


After the collapse of the USSR in 1991, some countries in Central Asia such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan gained their independence. On the process of their restoration and positioning in the international system, Turkey came forward to establish relationship with those Turkic countries, which have common Turkic identity, tradition, culture and language. The political leaders of Turkey took some initial steps to both establish a close cooperation and improve the bileteral relations in the Turkic world. Since then, Turkey has been endeavouring to improve the relations in many fields. Tourism is one of these fields. Because tourism not only promotes social interaction among the people from the Turkic World, which have many common values but also establish a closer cooperation between Turkey and Turkic republics. In this context, tourism plays a key role in the relations of the Turkic World. This study aims to reveal the role of tourism in Turkic World in terms of International Relation (IR) and discuss the importance of identity, tradition, leadership and ideas at the relations between Turkey and Turkic republics. Hence, the questions in the research will be disscussed within the framework of social constructivist theory.

Key Words: Turkic republics, Tourism, Constructivism, Identity, Central Asia, Turkic World

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