“Partition” Discussions During Cyprus Negotiations (1956-1959)

Emrah Balıkçıoğlu
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The Cyprus Question is one of the most important questions of the Turkish foreign policy. Even today, attempts for resolving the question between the Turkish and Greek peoples in Cyprus are being continued by Turkey and Greece. The Question arised from enosis (union with Greece) desire of Greek Cypriots and the Greek Government and. After the British arrival in Cyprus in 1878, Greek Cypriots, with the support of the Greek Government, began to demand enosis from the Great Britain. Moreover, the Greek Government brought up the Cyprus Question to the United Nations’ agenda for achieving enosis in 1954.  However, Turkish Cypriots rejected the enosis idea. According to Turks, if enosis was realised, it would endanger their safety. Thus, the Turkish Government maintained the continuation of the colonial status in Cyprus or  reversion of the island to Turkey between 1954 and 1956 . However, in 1956, the Turkish Government adopted the partition of Cyprus as a government policy. Some researchers allege that it was the British Government which encouraged the Turkish government to claim partition of Cyprus. This study discusses whether partition of Cyprus was a British policy or not in the light of this allegation.


The Great Britain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Enosis, Partition

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