Kurdish Tobacco Culture and the Role of UK in the Tobacco Economy of the Kurds (1883-1923)

Levent Ayabakan
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The socio-economic field has been insufficient due to the focus made on political issues with regards to the studies on the Kurds. Therefore, the tobacco culture within the Kurdish society has not been duly researched. On the other hand, the political instabilities in the Kurdish geography, unsupervised tobacco production and illegal marketing and the inability of fully recoding the production volume have also been effective. Thus this situation, was reflected on the writings of the voyagers, despite the mentioning of agricultural activities, information on tobacco production was limited to a few sentences. The information regarding the production, consumption and its place in the international trading activities of tobacco – which is a part of Kurdish farming culture – is extremely limited and this article was written to contribute to the insufficiencies in this field.


Tobacco, Smuggling, English, Kurdish

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