Sultan Husein Bayqara’s Struggles With Some Timurid Mirzas After His Accession to the Throne

Cihan Oruç
1.485 873


Afterthedeath of Timurid ruler Sultan Abu Said Khan, Mirza Husain Baiqara ascended the throne in Herat. Baiqara, after coming the throne he tried to call all the shots in the area of Khorasan and Khwarezm. In the mean time  he took part in the struggle with other Timurid mirzas who act independently as a local dynasties in the land given to them previously after the death of Abu Said Khan. In this study, the struggles of  Mirza Hussein Baykara with other Timurid mirzas after the death of Sultan Abu Said Khan will be discussed.


Sultan Husain Baiqara, Yadgar Muhammad, Mahmud Mirza, Umar Mirza, Ababakr Mirza, Masud Mirza

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