William Henry Quilliam and Liverpool Islamic Society

Barbaros Akıncı
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At 1856, William Henry Quillam was born to a wealthy family in Manx. He is known as the founder of the first mosque in England. After becoming Muslim, he was influential in Islam's progress in England. A lot of English people became Muslim after reading his articles. After his family became Muslims, the influenced a lot of public figures to become Muslims. After publishing his book “The Faith of Islam”, he became known to masses. Also, he published a weekly journal “The Crescent” and a monthly magazine “Islamic World”. During their meeting with Abdulhamid II, he was praised for his plans for Islam's future in Europe. Abdullah Quilliam spent most of his life trying to spread Islam. He deceased at 1932 and the society he founded still continues its activities today.


Abdullah Quilliam, England, Liverpool, Ottoman State, Islam

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