Approaches to the Origin and History of Qashqai Tribe

Şenay Yanar
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Throughout history, especially since late Medieval times as recorded in sources Iran has been a suitable life space as a migration land for nomadic and semi nomadic groups from foreign territories. With 9th and 10th century Oghuz migrations Turkish tribes were enlarged to the Arab and Kurdish tribes which came and settled to the area before Seljuks. This new nomadic groups intensively gathered in Khorasan and Fars provinces has been in interaction with the local population since that times. So diversity of the population has been enriched ethnically and culturally by this new element. Even today,  the generations of this tribes are spreaded as sedentary or semi nomadic clans in all around Iran land. Our subject of study is on the origin of Qashqai tribe which is among Fars province tribes also includes Khamsa, Kahkuliya and Mamasini tribes. Survival of most of this tribes from being a small branch of a tribe to be a big tribe is considerable. Between the dates 9th century when migrations began and 19th century one can see that the population of the tribes in Fars province is increased double or triple. Two out of three of Fars land is settlement of various tribes. Except Kahkuliya land Qashqai is as the most  crowded and most ascendant tribe occupying west and Northwest part of the Fars province. Today, Qashqai tribe as the second biggest tribe of Iran has five big and some small clans. Among neighbour tribe conferderations of Khamsa Turks and Bakhtiyari Turkmens Qashqai tribe, is a group consisted of Kurdish, Lor, Arab and Turkish elements. The majority of the tribe is of Turkish origin and most of the relatives speak western Guz dialect. Although there are so many studies on contemporary history of Qashqais the studies of the period between Safavids and Kajars are scarce. One can see that unless they involved to political events tribes are rarely referred in sources. With this study it is tried to be explained the known assertions, objections and outcomes on the origin and history of Qashqais with the help of the sources and studies.


Iran, Fars, Tribe, Qashqai, Oghuz, Turkmen, Safavid

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