The Riots of Russia Occurred Againts Evangelisation Policy in Azerbaijan: (On the Example of Jar-Balakan)

Terane Tarana Halilova
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The North-West of Azerbaijan, specially in the 19th century played an important role in the history of the Caucasus and Azerbaijan. Troughout the 19th century the Nort-West part of the Caucasus region forcibly converted to Christianity by the Tsarist Russia. But they tried to defend their country, their nation with true Jihad and the power of Muridism.

As Imam Shamil who was the political and religious leader of Caucasian Muslims says: “The strongest fortress is love for the homeland”.

Although Tsarist Russia tried hard to convert people to Christianity, they did not succeed because they loved Islam deep in their heart. So there is no doubt nowadays people who lives in this region of Azerbaijan are true and fathful Muslims who act according to the example of Muhammad (s.a.v) and the principles of Islam.


Djar-Balakan, Hadjı Murtuz, Zagatala

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